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Saints Adalbert & Hedwig Parish History
Information about the history of our merged parish

Sts Adalbert & HedwigToledo is the largest city in Northwest Ohio with a population of over 300,000. The residents of Polish ancestry number over 60,000. The first Poles began arriving after the civil war in the 1870's.

In the Lagrange street area (known as "Lagrinka" by the locals) two Polish churches, St Hedwig & St. Adalbert, served the people for many years.

In 2010 with a declining Polish population and strong recession in our economy, a decision was made to merge the two individual parishes into one, new parish.

In July of 2010 the official new parish of Saints Adalbert & Hedwig was born after the supression of the individual parishes.

The Polish people have a rich tradition of faith, and it is the hope of the parishioners of this united parish to continue that tradition for many more years to come.

Sat - 4:00pm
Sun - 9:30am
Mon-Wed - 8:00am
First Friday
Expostion & Chaplet - 7:00am
Mass - 8:00am
Sat - 3:00-3:45pm
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